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27 October 2013 @ 02:01 pm
Simple things  
Life is good and calm.

My day job is moderately engaging despite some depressing/frustrating spots. It is doing a good job at teaching me important skills, and bringing me ever closer to the elusive status of "competent employee".

Spark is in inventory, slowly selling a copy or two here and there. Other people are working on material for it, and I am planning my next steps currently. I have been busy working on three more game designs, in time for Metatopia in Jersey next weekend. It's been keeping me busy, but it's a delight to get back into the design half of the hobby. I will still be working on these at a much more relaxed pace compared to my work with Spark, as I still haven't finished recovering from that project.

My home and relationship both seem to be chugging along, slowly improving and strengthening over the seasons. With luck, I hope to finally be able to invite guests over in a month or so. My family is also doing well, and I really appreciated spending some time with my grandparents this summer.

So generally, life is good. I appreciate all the good fortune I have recieved of late.