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09 February 2014 @ 03:00 pm
Learning to Teach  
My new pleasure in life is the recognition that I finally have enough accumulated knowledge that I can teach something of value to others. I have a deep and abiding appreciation of the many teachers in my life and the ability to pay it forward is one of the greatest joys I have experienced.

We have an absolutely brilliant law student who is working for us at the office. She is doing an amazing job and her hard work is appreciated. I am in a nominal supervisory role and I get to explain how the bureaucratic system holds together. I also get to guide her by explaining how the various laws and policies that guide our program function and help her master the subject. It's teaching me a ton about myself and helps me be a better guide through the forest of red-tape.

I am also in a mentorship role for a friend of mine who is developing his first RPG. I point out problems, toss our potential solutions and generally work as a sounding board. The game he is developing is hella exciting; exploring character history, trauma and powerful emotions rooted in memory through the lens of hypercompetent cyberpunk operatives. I have helped him get to the point of playtesting, and he is absolutely on the right path.

I even have a primer on game design on the back-burner, slowly being written on my lunch-hours. Who knows if it will be of any value, but it's the kind of thing I found lacking when I was a new designer.

Now I need to get back to learning more so I have more to teach.