Tux, Cthulhu

I live!

I have spent the last 5+ years posting on Google+, but am looking back upon Dreamwidth as that as that online home shutters. While I don't expect to be updating frequently over here, I do intend on using this space from time to time.  

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Tux, Cthulhu

Eve's step-father has passed away

Eve wanted me to let the LJ crew know that she is currently out of commission due to a death in the family. Her step-father (ish) Denis has passed away on tuesday and she will be busy for dealing with the funeral on saturday. She wanted to appologize for the delay in answering emails or the like.

She is doing about as well as can be expected and she appreciates all the kind words she has recieved to date.
Happy, Angel

Learning to Teach

My new pleasure in life is the recognition that I finally have enough accumulated knowledge that I can teach something of value to others. I have a deep and abiding appreciation of the many teachers in my life and the ability to pay it forward is one of the greatest joys I have experienced.

We have an absolutely brilliant law student who is working for us at the office. She is doing an amazing job and her hard work is appreciated. I am in a nominal supervisory role and I get to explain how the bureaucratic system holds together. I also get to guide her by explaining how the various laws and policies that guide our program function and help her master the subject. It's teaching me a ton about myself and helps me be a better guide through the forest of red-tape.

I am also in a mentorship role for a friend of mine who is developing his first RPG. I point out problems, toss our potential solutions and generally work as a sounding board. The game he is developing is hella exciting; exploring character history, trauma and powerful emotions rooted in memory through the lens of hypercompetent cyberpunk operatives. I have helped him get to the point of playtesting, and he is absolutely on the right path.

I even have a primer on game design on the back-burner, slowly being written on my lunch-hours. Who knows if it will be of any value, but it's the kind of thing I found lacking when I was a new designer.

Now I need to get back to learning more so I have more to teach.
Tux, Cthulhu

Simple things

Life is good and calm.

My day job is moderately engaging despite some depressing/frustrating spots. It is doing a good job at teaching me important skills, and bringing me ever closer to the elusive status of "competent employee".

Spark is in inventory, slowly selling a copy or two here and there. Other people are working on material for it, and I am planning my next steps currently. I have been busy working on three more game designs, in time for Metatopia in Jersey next weekend. It's been keeping me busy, but it's a delight to get back into the design half of the hobby. I will still be working on these at a much more relaxed pace compared to my work with Spark, as I still haven't finished recovering from that project.

My home and relationship both seem to be chugging along, slowly improving and strengthening over the seasons. With luck, I hope to finally be able to invite guests over in a month or so. My family is also doing well, and I really appreciated spending some time with my grandparents this summer.

So generally, life is good. I appreciate all the good fortune I have recieved of late.
Tux, Cthulhu

GenCon and San Francisco complete

That was a delightful and draining two weeks. I made the perilous journey down to Indianapolis along with the love of my life and my friend Mark. We collectively took full advantage of our pre-con arrival time to enjoy the complimentary happy hour beverages at our hotel, followed by an delightful evening of socialization at The Ram brewpub. This presaged an amazing convention overall.

We had a booth. Specifically, this one.
IGDN Booth

Through the frantic convention, I managed to have the public release of my book and sell an impressive 29 copies over the span of those four days. I ran sessions of Spark, heard great buzz, got my contributer comp copy of the Hillfolk corebook and generally had a blast. Over the span of one year, I went from semipro to a full-blown professional in the gaming industry. It's a hell of an achievement and I feel like I actually accomplished something of significance for the first time since I moved into my first apartment. Also discovered they have a burgeoning microbrewery scene which will make next year extra interesting.

My lovely lady and I did make our trip to San Francisco afterward as a treat to ourselves. We stayed right downtown, took public transit over to Fishermans Wharf, visited several museums and generally saw the surprisingly temperate sights. Excellent sushi and clam chowder in sourdough bread were had. Most important of all, I was able to make the sojourn to the legendary game store "EndGame Oakland" along with "The Trappist" pub. It was good to finally visit, to meet Chris at the store, and generally see the sights. The SF journey was only hampered by my physical, mental and emotional exhaustion after GenCon.

So yes, I am back in town and far more experienced than I was a mere couple weeks ago. Life is good.
Tux, Cthulhu

Time to rest

The last month has been a frantic blur of packing tape, bubble wrap mailers and trips the the post office. I swear, I know everyone at that post office on a first name basis at this point, and I have likely paid each of their salaries to boot. It was worth it though, to hear reports that my game is in backer's hands from as far as Japan at this point.

This meant I could celebrate. Saturday, I went out to watch two movies including the marvelous Pacific Rim. Had a lovely anniversary dinner at the 5 star restauraunt at the nearby casino. Even managed a successful launch party on Monday, where I say many friends new and old join me in the celebration. I really needed that.

I still have a ton to do before I leave for GenCon in just over two weeks, but it will be lovely to actually get enough sleep and to curl into a good book. I need a break!
Tux, Cthulhu

Same old, Same old

Life is chuggging along. My game design work has envelopped my life it seems, and I'm a week or so away from a final PDF version of #Spark. It's extremely stressful to have other people's money entrusted to you in exchange for some product not yet complete. Getting the books printed, in my house, and largely mailed out will be such a relief.

Other than that, Cangames 2013 and Festibiere were a great deal of fun. So much to do and so little time, as is the norm.

What about you folks? Anything exciting going on?
Tux, Cthulhu

What a rollercoaster

Turns out that running a kickstarter campaign for your first RPG is a heck of a ride. I'm in the last week of fundraising and things are going quite well so far, but who knows what the last week will bring. I'm so happy that there are good chances I will be able to send books to schools and libraries.


Anywho, other than that, things are going fairly decently as well. Spring has indeed sprung, and what used to be a giant hill of snow in my front yard has melted away. I'm actually seeing the sun for a change, and I don't need to worry quite as much about frost bite. All in all, pretty good.

Now back to biting my nails and stressing out about getting more backers for my book. :)