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The Solitary Soul

Telling new stories around the digital fire

Jagash Vanhal
24 February 1985
Who am I? While tempted to provide the answer in the form of a complex riddle, I will make things easier for my readers and be straightforward.

Personality: I am a tolerant and prudent introvert, prone to intellectual debate and holding great interest in the opinions of others. While I take academic interest in religion and mythology throughout the world, I am not true a member of any of the organized faiths. If you seek a label for me, humanist appears to be the most apt.

By Day:
I am a professional ecologist working for the Government of Canada. More precisely, I work for the Canadian Wildlife Service over in Environment Canada where I am helping protect species at risk. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my employer and my non-partisan status, I can't talk about Canadian federal politics despite my political streak. Sorry about that.

By Night:
I am a gamer, specifically focused on Role Playing Games (RPG's). In 2009 I began my own independent RPG publishing company, called Genesis of Legend Publishing. The website link with more information about this is located here on this profile. This company does take a great deal of my time and I apologize if I am not always available for social occasions.

As part of my business, I am in the process of honing my writing skills. My fledgling artistic talent will also be used to some extent and you can see a handful of examples at http://www.jagash.deviantart.com

By Weekend:
In my spare moments of time, I practice a few Japanese martial arts over at the Tateyama Dojo. My primary art is an obscure weapon art called Jodo, using a four foot long staff. In addition to that, I also attempt to practice Iaido, a ritualized art of sword work.